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How do you do!

Howdy! I am Qandle, your friendly global village silversmith! 

I discovered metalsmithing about 14 years ago while I was relentlessly searching for my sanity. I left a fun, low paying, job to start a totally unfun job making slightly more money,  I was pretty miserable. The defining moment came when I needed to end a relationship with a bloke I really quite liked.

I was very lost, having turned over the apple cart that was my life. So I set out to find my new self. I enrolled myself in tons of classes. Basically anything that was remotely interesting to me...I signed up.

i took classes in batik, candle making, woodworking, creative writing...I even took a train the trainer course to become a certified fitness instructor! Finally, I stumbled upon a continuing education class at the Cleveland institute of art. it was a basic introductions to metals and jewelry making. The rest -as they say- is history!

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